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Why my business needs outsourced IT support

Andy Topps
Andy Topps09.11.2017

Outsourced IT support for your business can work in a number of ways and there is always an opportunity to take advantage of this valuable service whatever your current IT management situation, isn't there?


Your business already has an in-house IT manager or team or you have no internal IT support structure - outsourcing will work for both in different ways.

Below we cover the main benefits of looking to adopt some form of external IT support services for your business.


Access to high level external technical knowledge


complex-IT-project-managementWhen you invest in an outsourced IT support company, you aren't just paying their fees to maintain your IT network as it is, you are investing in the collective knowledge of their staff, their innovative, early adoption of new and multiple technologies and their ability to work with you on your business IT road map for future changes and/or growth.

Your return on investment will be far greater with the collective knowledge of many rather than a few...

With an outsourced company, staff undergo regular industry training and certifications such as;

With this enhanced knowledge, they are perfectly placed to support and maintain your network as well as offer advice on changes and improvements.


Release internal IT teams for projects and other purposes


reactive-scheduled-onsite-supportIs it a valuable use of your internal IT staff to manage the day-to-day issues of users: forgotten passwords, not able to print, Outlook not connecting, no access to shared drives? Almost certainly not, they are far too knowledgeable to be working on these types of issues but are far better positioned to work with internal system improvements, overall security enhancements and growth plans - your outsourced IT team can handle these general support issues for you leaving your internal teams to deliver business-transforming operations.

It goes without saying that nobody can know everything about every IT system or software solution, but they can liaise with your outsourced partner for assistance and back up to assist with 'knowledge-building' by speaking to those that work across multiple sectors with multiple solutions, platforms and infrastructures..


Control and reducing operating costs


unlimited-telephone-and-remote-supportWe enjoy the working relationships we have with your internal IT staff, but your staff comes at a cost and establishing an effective internal IT team is costly including: recruitment costs, salaries, holiday, sickness and training to name a few.

When you outsource part or all of your IT support, you eliminate all these costs, as a group, the external team will never all be off sick, you don't have to pay their holidays or to train them, they will always be there for you!


Quick implementation of new technologies


quarterley-business-IT-reviewUsing your in-house IT team to implement projects may mean additional staffing to handle it effectively or tie up your small team for weeks/months while your users are still having those day-to-day issues that need supporting, which is most important, your new project or keeping your staff working productively?

An outsourced IT company will have a team dedicated to your project with the ability to implement it quickly and with their experience of handling similar projects, will save you time and money.

This can also be the case with office moves, let your outsourced company investigate your new office, cabling, connectivity etc and ensure your hardware is moved over, connected and your staff are working again, reducing lost productivity.


Focus on what matters, your business


IT-strategy-roadmapRemain focused on your core business of growth and profitability and don't get bogged down with IT decisions, especially if you aren't technically minded and aren't sure of the implications.

As the dependence on technology has increased, conversely, there has been a slow diminution of IT skills but your business actually demands an improvement in these skills. This fact may mean your company's internal IT knowledge is reducing at a time when you are relying more heavily on IT to drive your business needs. Don't get held back, partner with an outsourced IT company and keep your knowledge ahead of the curve!


Reduce your risk



Technology changes very quickly and the investment your business makes carries an element of risk.

Your outsourced partner adopts and manages some of this risk for you. With their specific industry knowledge, security expertise and compliance experience, they are far better placed to decide how to plan for and avoid risks with their actions.

Investigating your service levels with 3rd party providers or testing specific platforms and solutions prior to implementation across your network to highlight possible issues can mean potential failures and the resulting financial losses that may follow.


Increased productivity


unlimited-telephone-and-remote-supportRelating to my second point above, why are your (often highly paid) IT staff running around fixing printer issues, resetting passwords and general fire-fighting, when their time and effort is better diverted to internal business system improvements?

When working with your outsourced IT partners, support tickets can be submitted and prioritised in order of importance and help desk engineers can investigate and resolve quickly (often more quickly than your in-house IT who are tied up).

At Vital, 95.3% of all tickets for all priorities are resolved within our specific service level agreements (SLA's) - often, help desk calls resolve issues on the phone within 10 minutes!


Working with your IT manager's and team


scheduled-onsite-supportWhy can't your internal team work with our internal team? - they can!

We can be there as and when you need us to add our expert knowledge to your project plan and help bolster the skills of your own teams.

Maybe you need low level support but at busy times or periods of holiday, you need us to step in and take over to keep productivity moving, we will be readily available for you.

We might not offer you regular user support but instead, we manage your servers and your back up and disaster recovery solutions - our knowledge base will have built over time and put us in a great position to step in when needed for cover.


Support when you need it


on-demand-IT-staffingOperating Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm and out of hours support if you need it - we support businesses across all sectors including: retail, leisure, manufacturing, legal, accounting, engineering and digital.

We pride ourselves on being there when you need us with our 'whatever IT takes' IT support services.

Can your current IT offering commit to this level of service?



Something to leave you with..


In 2017 and beyond your business has more dependence on IT than ever before.

Whatever your size of business, whether you have in-house IT staff or not, whatever your business sector or operational hours, outsourcing your IT support has huge benefits - with lower costs, availability of highly skilled technical staff and the ability to relieve your internal pressures, it must be considered.

But... don't just take our word for it, listen to what some of our amazing customers say about us and the services we offer: video testimonials.

If you're interested at the prospect of working with us and finding out how we can help your business, let's have a chat.

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