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Website lead generation, how to get more

Andy Topps
Andy Topps12.05.2017

How to generate more sales leads from your website

High-quality leads are undoubtedly one of a sales manager’s most important objectives so given the flexibility, diversity and huge impact of digital marketing, the pressure to deliver is clearly on.

There are four important elements to the lead generation process starting with the offer which leads to call-to-action (CTA) and then landing page and finally the form; with the two most important of those being the CTA and the landing page.

leads-sales1.jpgDuring the course of a day your potential customers are exposed to a huge amount of offers, so you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. It’s also important to understand that people don't like to be sold to and will buy a product when they are ready, not when you want them to; so remember, every prospect is at a different stage of the buying process which means it’s not surprising that the CTA "Contact Us" has a low conversion rate.

CTAs are the secret to driving potential customers to your offers, but they need to be clever to be effective at capturing peoples' attention and in persuading them to click – otherwise the proposal is useless.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your CTAs:

Ideally they should be placed above the fold, which is the portion of a web page that’s visible without scrolling. Research has found that anything below the fold will only be viewed by 80 per cent of site visitors.

Be clear and specific about what offer is in your CTA; if you're offering a free guide to something that will clearly enhance a visitors' life then make that very clear other statements such as "Download Now" or "Get a Free Article" are purely that; statements.

Use contrasting colours to make a CTA stand out and test a colour's individual impact by split testing the same ad with a range of CTA button colours

CTAs are meant to send visitors to a dedicated landing page where they receive a specific offer, so don't send people to the homepage or any other that presents the full menu structure as this will divert the visitor's attention. Even if the CTA is about your brand or product you should still send them to a targeted landing page that's relevant to what they are looking for.

One size does most certainly not fit all; if your company offers various products or services you should consider creating an offer for each of them. You can then place a CTA linking to each offer on the most relevant pages. Use "Thank You" pages to reach out to a visitor even after they've converted by placing subtle offers on the page.

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