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Web or IT project video testimonials cant be beaten!

Andy Topps
Andy Topps02.08.2017

We all have clients' we've done a great job for and thankfully, some of them will let us have a written testimonial of how great the project went and how amazing we are, but, how easy is it to get a client video testimonial - answer, easy if you have a strong relationship with your clients'.

Written words can sometimes not get across the true feelings from the client but get them in front of a video and they really can promote your products or services in a way that confirms to your prospects that you really did a great job!

Richard Smailes FSS/Vital Video testimonialHere at Vital, we recently had a small open day demonstrating the Microsoft Hololens and invited some customers as well as prospects to our new Wetherby offices. Before arrival, we asked 6 clients if they would be willing to feature in testimonial videos, we got a yes from them all!

We'd like to think we nailed the videos as we followed a simple format as follows;

Set your client at ease -

Henry Bisson Ring Vital Video TestimonialMost people are happy to chat away when face to face but put them in front of a camera and things change, they worry about how they look, sound and what to say.

Setting some expectations before the video including what sort of questions you want them to answer will help. We found that a question of "tell me about your service received before you met Vital" they will jump in and tell you why they weren't happy. Then ask "tell me about your service received since dealing with Vital" Off they will go again saying how much better the service is and how they'd happily recommend your company to any business!

Dont be scripted -

There's nothing worse than a script to make someone nervous, be more free-flowing, let them talk and prompt them to carry on with more open questions.

Memorised scripts will sound wooden and unnatural.

Capture attention -

We'd hope you avoid loud noises, fanfares, bells and whistles but certainly an opening brand message or statement will let the viewers know what's going on and make them carry on watching/listening. You probably have under 10 seconds to make an impact.

Keep it short -

John Duffey Triton Vital Video TestimonialA long, drawn-out video with mundane subject matter and too much talking will lose viewers so aim for around 50 seconds to 3 minutes.

By encouraging conversation and natural responses, a 3 minute video will only seem like 1 or 2 minutes and the viewer will remain engaged.

Using image snippets or graphics will also break up the shot so it isn't permanently focused on the interviewee.

Keep it simple -

Yes we want benefit, benefit, benefit but again, if the language is forced, scripted or plain awkward, it wont work.

If viewers can relate to the pain the client was suffering before you became their supplier, they will have an immediate affinity and should be hooked..

Use alternate graphics -

A 3 or 4 minute video of me talking would send most people to sleep so split up the video with alternative shots of branding, client office shots or graphics, it'll really help.

Using the steps above will certainly help with your first few videos and they'll only get better as you do more.

And, to show the human side of your own company, why not get your staff to throw a bit of humour in for good measure.

If you're impressed by the comments of this sample of our clients and would like to find out why they have such kind words to say about us, why not drop us a line or give us a call and we'll show you why!


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