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Lead generation - who has been on my website?

Andy Topps
Andy Topps09.11.2016
Last month your website was visited 35,683 times, according to your marketing manager, and he has the Google analytics to prove it.
Out of those 35,683 views a certain percentage arrived to look for details of a specific product or service before either completing an enquiry form or telephoning your sales department. And then there were those who had heard of your products and services through social media, maybe, and visited merely to window shop.
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew who these businesses were and could aid your lead generation? Well you can (you didn’t see that coming, did you?) thanks to web forensics. Interested already? Request a Call back
This software uses various databases of IP addresses to identify businesses that are browsing your website. However, while it will name the company it will not spot a precise person (because an IP address is for the whole business not individual computers), but with a bit of your own forensic work you can generally home in on who or which department it might be; marketing possibly, or maybe IT?


leads-sales1.pngThe forensics software works in real-time and in addition to which companies have visited your website it can also identify the search engine used and the keyword or phrase employed to find you; meaning that, not only, do you know who has been on your site but what they’re interested in.
Of course, it could be that someone is visiting your site who is already a customer, or a business you’ve been speaking to over the past few months or so and which might need a nudge to buy from your sales team; or it could be someone carrying out a bit of research on what you have to offer. If you can get to speak to that person, then who knows where it might lead?

Broad traffic

Identify-web-visitors.jpgWebsite copy will often focus on certain keywords with the aim of yielding very broad traffic, but if most of your customers are arriving to your site through other search phrases you can then tailor your wording to appeal to the search terms your clients are actually using, meaning you’ll receive more traffic.
And if you’re running a cost per click (CPC) campaign you might find that you’re paying to drive poor quality traffic to your site because the keywords being used are too broad, but by using the keyword tool you can establish negative keywords on your campaign.


The top 11 benefits of web forensics IP tracking -

For your sales team:
  • Uncover new leads
  • Nurture leads
  • Identify cross selling opportunities & renewals
  • Avoid time-wasting with cold calling

For your marketing team:

  • Re-nurture leads
  • Close the gap between sales and marketing
  • Establish popular/unpopular pages
  • Improve the buying cycle
  • Target your marketing efforts
  • Attribute enquiries
  • In-depth website analytics

If your keywords are, say, “water coolers” and people arrive at your site from outside your delivery area then that will impact on your CPC budget. But if you establish a phrase as “water coolers Devon” your ad will not show when someone types that, even though “water coolers” is one of your key phrases, meaning that your budget for quality clicks go further as you’re not wasting any budget on poor quality clicks. Why waste money?
Let our web forensics identify the 'low hanging fruit' of visitors to your website that have a real interest in your products and services!

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