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Lessons learned from Hubspot Inbound Certification

Andy Topps
Andy Topps22.02.2017

You may of heard of Hubspot, the inbound marketing strategy and platform? If not, you should have..

As a Hubspot partner, I recently took the Inbound Certification to both boost our knowledge around inbound marketing as well as fulfill a criteria for becoming a partner. So, why Hubspot? why did I do it? how was it? what did I learn? and what would I do differently?

Why Hubspot?

Hubspot's inbound strategy and platform bring together all your marketing tools to allow; blogging, email marketing, social media publishing, landing page creation and calls to action to deliver an amazing solution to drive your website forward, generate and track leads.

Having adopted the Hubspot marketing platform on our own website, followed the strategy approach and used the blogging, email, landing page and call to action functionality, we have seen our website enquiries increase from a poor 4 or 5 a YEAR to 6 or 7 a MONTH. Testiment to the benefits of inbound without doubt.

Why did I do it?

The main reason for taking the certification was to confirm our knowledge around inbound marketing as a service we are offering clients. It'd be hard to become a recommended partner without having some certification.

How was it?

Well, I could keep the truth to myself and say I passed first time but, harking back to my school exam performance where re-writing all my notes 5 times over still resulted in me failing miserably, alas, I failed the first 2 times..this was probably becuase i thought, how hard can it really be and dived straight into the test blindly - NOT RECOMMENDED!..

Andy Topps Hubspot Inbound CertifiedIt was 3rd time lucky and I am now a fully-fledged Inbound Marketing Certified individual (for the next year when I have to re-take it)

My advice, and this is only based on my own short-comings as someone who is very easily distracted, would be to either view the videos over a few days or, lock yourself away (preferably out of the office) turn of email and hit the 5 sections with 36 videos over 4.5 hours in one go. Take notes for reference and take your time as you have over an hour to complete the certification.

What did I learn?

As a methodology, inbound is definitely a mind-shift to the traditional methods of marketing and lead generation. Accept that and be prepared to take a leap forward and adopt the methodology which is "the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business” with the focus being based on the four inbound marketing actions: to attract, convert, close and delight.

What would I do differently?

I would definitely take more time, review the videos, download the study guide and immerse myself into the methodology from the start.

Don't be dis-heartened if you dont pass the first time, you can take again after 48hours.

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