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Is now the right time to invest in Hosted Communications?

Lee Evans
Lee Evans17.02.2017

With the industry changes that has happened over the last few years, more and more vendors are having to adopt cloud strategies to maintain a competitive edge. Sadly, with the news of Avaya’s financial difficulties, this only highlights that even the mightiest brands aren’t immune from market change.

Companies now more than ever need to react to ever changing trends.  Whether that be social media engagement, cloud migration or flexible working, companies that don’t embrace the latest technological trends tend to be left behind only to lament their technological reservations and ultimately, fall further and further behind their competition.

With “As A Service” platforms/programs becoming more and more common place in IT, then why are companies not adopting the same strategy for their telecoms - especially knowing that ISDN is a dying technology due to be phased out by 2025?

Do you have ISDN right now and need to talk to us? Request a callbackTraditionally, the networks have only allowed a certain number of lines, to be shared across a certain number of extensions, which ultimately involves a big Capex (sometimes leased) to implement and generally incur high line rentals, call charges and maintenance charges.  And what happens at the end of the contract?  The business goes through the entire exercise again to implement a new system, on a new term, with new charges, so that you remain as close to the newest technology for the first year of the contract!

But what if there’s another way?  What if you could implement a new solution with zero upfront cost of change?  What if you had peace of mind in knowing that your solution was constantly being upgraded in the background so you could continue to benefit from the latest technological advancements?  What if you could adopt a solution that helped your business grow and be more flexible in more ways than one?

This is where “Telephony As A Service” comes in!

With popular enterprise benefits such as:

  • Centralisation of many sites into one solution
  • On screen visibility of your colleagues regardless of location
  • On screen call control for ease of use
  • Inclusive UK Minutes (01, 02, 03 & 07)
  • Remote working facility to work from any location as if you were in the office
  • Device twinning so not just your desk phone rings when you’re being called
  • Mobile applications allowing you to take your extension with you as long as you’re on Wi-Fi or have a good 3G/4G signal
  • Messaging services which email your voicemails to you when you’re out of the office
  • In built business continuity contingencies

There’s more reasons to embrace this new standard of technology than ignore it. 

But that’s not all… the race to fully unify communications is on! By 2018 we fully expect to see, and sell as a part of our managed solution, services where not only your mobile number is stored on a SIM card, but your landline will also be native to the same SIM!  This means that regardless of where you go, you can remain in contact at all the times that suit you – especially when our SIMs give you full UK Domestic Roaming!

So what do you need to do?  In the first instance, let Vital understand your business further! 

Our team of specialists will constructively understand your needs, demonstrate our solution in full, and outline why the Opex flexibility of “Telephony As A Service” will benefit your business in the long run!  In the majority of cases we can demonstrate that your total cost of ownership will be notably lower than an new onsite solution!

What are you waiting for?  Contact us now to arrange for a free consultation to start adopting the next generation in communications technology and maintain your competitive edge.

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