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In the news - tourists enjoy better mobile phone signal than UK users

Lee Evans
Lee Evans01.11.2016

 In the news this week has been an interesting story detailing how visitors to the UK can often receive better mobile phone signal than UK users.

The reason is fairly simple - the foreign networks have "roaming" agreements with most if not all of the UK networks to enable their users to get mobile service when they visit the UK.

The same is (usually) true for us, when we visit abroad - your SIM card will pick try to pick up a preferred network but will often fail back to another operator if it can't find coverage.

You can read the full story on Metro here:

Multi-net from Vital Technology Group

For business users where mobile coverage is paramount for keeping in touch with customers and the office, Vital now have the answer.

Our new multi-net mobile service provides UK businesses with a 4G mobile service which will automatically roam across all the major UK networks if there is no signal from our primary network provider, Three.

This provides an unparalleled level of reliability, almost completely eliminating those "no service" moments.

Why not contact us to discuss our innovative new multi-net mobile service if mobile coverage is an issue for your business?