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Hosted Communications - a means to an end..?

Lee Evans
Lee Evans03.02.2017

In today’s businesses environment, I am yet to come across a company who doesn’t rely on internet access in one way, shape or form.

Whether it’s for basic email access for the smaller end of the market right through to an organisation whose entire business applications are stored in the cloud, Internet access is crucial to allow these companies to operate effectively. 

Yet why is it I keep coming across businesses who don’t pay the same attention to their internet access when they’ve put their voice services into the cloud? – and by cloud, I mean SIP or VoIP

The answer to me is simple… they haven’t been educated properly by the company who’s implemented the solution that keeps failing them. Whether you work in the Telecommunications industry or not, I’m guessing that at one point you’ve heard someone say that “VoIP doesn’t work” or “Steer Clear of internet phones, I had a terrible experience” or other phrases to that effect. 

handsets.jpgIn simple terms, a voice call over the internet has to be managed from the handset that’s making the call right through to the handset that’s receiving it and, unless you know who is providing what and where, this can get complicated and time consuming for any business to look into/deal with. 

The fact is, that by 2025 (I know, it’s just over 8 years away now) the traditional ISDN network that we’ve all known and worked with for so long will be finally switched off in favour of SIP and Hosted/Cloud Services but, unless you have your solution sold/provisioned to you correctly, you will suffer the same fate as the companies I have been seeing recently. Companies who are using these platforms but have lost faith in them due to impacted quality as they weren’t sold/installed right in the first place.

 As we’re being forced down this road by Openreach, and knowing that no two businesses are identical, I would always recommend that you, as a business owner, decision maker, influencer, always seek as much advice that’s relevant to your business covering off the following: 

  • What do we use the internet for and how critical is it to our business?
  • Who is our telephone system used by and what functions do they have in our business?
  • Are any of our users working flexibly? (I.e. out on the road or from home)
  • Are we using an internal messaging system? (Lync/Skype for Business or otherwise)
  • Do we hold Telephone conferences? (Internal or external)
  • What applications do we use that store our customer data for information management purposes?
  • Do we have employees using their own tech?

Unified CommunicationsThese are fundamentally the core questions that most businesses need to answer and, once you’ve answered them, you need to ask yourself: 

  • Would we benefit from unifying aspects of our business together for seamless communications regardless of media?

Separately, these areas are a means to an end for most, if not all businesses and serve a standalone function however, when integrated any business will see improvements to their:

  • User efficiency & responsiveness
  • Customer service
  • Sales figures (Especially in a telemarketing team)
  • Overall company and customer satisfaction

This is a lot of information to take in and I know that as a business, communications may not be the priority however, every business needs to talk…. how well you do it? Let’s figure that out together!

Please do get in touch for an informal conversation to see where I can help you make improvements to your infrastructure and, let your technology work smarter for you.

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